Friday, April 12, 2013

Flynn's 2nd birthday

Today our little munchkin turned two years old.


I often think about the circumstances surrounding his coming into being, how he will forever hold a special place in my heart because he is my rainbow baby. If Charlotte hadn't given this blonde little gift to me, it would have made the days so much harder. One day soon, I am going to write his story too, as writing is so therapeutic and I am so blessed to have Flynny in my life.

Gotta love the bed hair!

I know I always attempt an elaborate (in my mind) cake that looks better on pinterest than I could ever create but I decided to go with the good old sponge cake from Woollies with a sparkler number 2 candle to make up for the boringness of the cake.

Simon was at work and with Hallie's birthday in 2 weeks and the Bell's coming up in the school holidays for family birthday dinner, I would try to impress (clear throat) with a cake then.

Flynn loved the candle and was completely mesmerised by it.

Flynn looks unimpressed with the kisses and Ollie and Jonty are nearly smiling the same.

We love you so much Flynn. Flynny. Flynny Minny. Flynnigus. Flynnona.

You certainly have alot of cheekiness packed into your little body.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No doubt about him being a special gift from his big sister.
I am sure they spent time sharing their love before they both departed each other.
He is a beautiful boy.
Looking forward to the next big birthday cake.
Love Lorraine.