Friday, September 7, 2012

On the move.3

Since our last update, we have had the house plastered and Simon has been painting and tiling and decking.

This is the theatre room painted. The colour is a warm grey called Memory from the Haymes range.

This is the office colour. I think it was Taubmans and is Salinger 1/2 strength, another grey but a cooler calmer one for when the computer in the office does not do what its told.

This is the kitchen half in. We went with grey, white and the drawers which you can only see a hint of in this pic are called black wenge. They have very slim streaks of grey/brown running vertically through the black colour, similar to a wood grain.

The bench tops are caesar stone but I can't remember the colour, just an off white with grey and glass pebbly bits in it.

No handles on the drawers which I love.

Looking down toward the family room. Just on the left of the photo you can see where the television will go and that insert, is also painted in the Memory grey colour.

I don't know if you can see this grey section, designed to cover the sink has silver flecky streaks in it that match the stainless steel toe kicks.

The dining room has the same colour feature wall as the theatre is decked out in.

 Our bedroom is the same as the office, the 1/2 strength salinger but on the LHS wall will be wallpaper, a whole other stressful decision. :)

The outside deck coming along. The wood is called black butt and Simon is painstakingly putting screws in each board.

The ensuite.

My best mates, the good old knee pads so I can scoot along to putty the nail holes and sand them in the skirting boards and architraves around the doors.

A bedroom, painted in a colour called Aura, an off-white with a very slight hint of warm grey in it.


Feature tiles in the kids bathroom.

Our charcoal carpet, waiting to be laid, one of the last jobs to be done.

Simon tirelessly tiling away.

Off white (nano) 600 x600 tiles from the front door leading down into the kitchen and dining room. Simon is going to grout them a similar colour to the tile so it looks as seamless as possible.

I think we are nearly at the top of the hill, ready to motor down the other side, but the end isn't in sight just yet. Just a few more jobs to go, alot of a few more jobs. :) It's all starting to take shape though which is very exciting, especially for the kids who can't wait to have some space.


Kylie's blog said...

Wow - it's certainly all coming together. I love the colours you've chosen Simone, it's going to be lovely.

Nettie's Blog said...

looking Awesome..have you got a date for the house warming party yet???? i hope we are all invited???
he he good job you two a mammoth effort which will be all worth it when you move in ..SOON XXXXX

leetai said...

Wow, I din't know you guys were building, it looks amazing. I love all of it - especially the nice big kitchen and laundry. Simon is doing a great job.

Kayla Christie said...

Wow it's all coming together! I love the tiles in the en suite too!

Penny B. said...

Great to see how things are coming along! Bet you can't wait to have it all done. Owen keeps talking about how our cousins are building a big house so we'll have somewhere to stay next time we go to Tasmania!