Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In my own time....Flynn (17 months)

So on Saturday, the 25th of August, ( at 16 months and 2 weeks) I took my first step. I was holding onto the walker and it kinda rolled away from me and left me standing there so I kinda took a step toward it. Wow did the crowd go wild. Mumma was doing the dishes and was dancing around me with her pink rubber gloves on. Hallie was clapping and laughing and Daddy was yelling for someone to grab the video camera.

Does this mean I am walking now?? Look to be honest, since my last post when the family went ballistic at my standing by myself, I haven't really done anymore but seeing them all egging me on on Saturday, I have started standing a bit more and taking one or two steps but I still find crawling alot faster and funner as I can get into stuff on the floor more easily.

The next couple of weeks, Mumma reckons I will start to want to take a few more steps and soon enough I will be walking. I'm in no hurry though and no amount of clapping and wahooing from the fam is going to make me go any faster than I want to.

Today I am 17 months and since the 25th of August, I started taking about 4-5 steps and was standing heaps without leaning on anything. Then just last Friday and Saturday, I started walking more and on Sunday I did lots of walking mixed with a little crawling, just as Mumma predicted.

The world is now my oyster!!


Kylie's blog said...

There will be no stopping you now gorgeous boy!

Anonymous said...

Jared didn't wals until 16 months.
Way to go beautiful boy!!!!
Love Lorraine.