Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Naturale

Wouldn't it be nice to be young again and look good in every photo that was taken of you, no wrinkles, no bumpy, hangy bits, just always photogenic.

I'm sure that's what The Examiner (northern Tassie's local paper) thinks of Hallie because she is always getting her photo in the paper for one thing or another. This was on pg 3 of today's paper.
This is Hallie and Alice in December 2007, the 4th time that year, Hallie was featured in The Examiner. Alice is the third one along in today's paper and next to Hallie in this one.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I know what you look like...

Numbers - I'm a big numbers fan. I love them. It's weird I know but it has its upsides. When my good friend Mel was pregnant, she couldn't remember how many weeks she was, so she would always tell people to ask me. I remember, friends' kids birthdates and when people at church ask me about the next month's activities, I can rattle off all the dates.

So the point of all this!!
Today is the 21st day of October and I am 16wks and 4days pregnant with our baby boy. This scan is my baby at 12wks and 1 day.

At first I wished i had a scan of him at 16wks and 4days so I knew what he looked like today but then I realised, I already knew what he looked like.

On the 21st of May at 16wks and 4days, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Charlotte. The sacredness and sadness of the labour experience, her exquisiteness and grace, the perfectness of her body beyond anything I could have comprehended has been indelibly etched in my mind.

We found out on the 21st of April, exactly one month earlier, that our baby, whom we named Charlotte May, had Down Syndrome. According to the doctors, this is why she died, her heart was too defective. But her soul wasn't -it was strong and perfect and wise. I don't know why Charlotte had to die before we had the chance to watch her grow and learn about the joys and challenges of raising a magical extra chromosome baby, but I know there was a purpose to this whole experience. I don't yet know what that purpose is, but a very dear friend of mine said 'when it's hard....that's when faith has to take over'. Sometimes it is hard not to know the reason for some things, but the journey is in coming to gracefully accept HIS will and having the peace of mind that ALL experiences, both joyful and sorrowful are for OUR good, to help us be better than before, because HE loves us.

The other day at the hospital I came across a young man with Down Syndrome. Where once I would have fleetingly glanced at him, I slowed and searched his eyes until they met mine....... and then we gave each other the biggest grin and in that moment, I saw Charlotte smiling back at me. Already I have changed and for that I am eternally grateful.

Charlotte was due on November the 1st so on that day, Simon and the kids and I will quietly reflect on Charlotte's presence and influence in our lives. She will always be close to me, I know that and feel it, like my own personal guardian angel I suppose, and that is a truly tender blessing from above but as numbers go there is a new date I must now focus on and prepare for and start to look forward to.

Charlotte's baby brother is due April 3rd. He arrived against all odds just one month after we lost Charlotte, when I wasn't mentally, emotionally or physically ready. He has his own story to tell, his own blank pages to fill with life experiences and a mother who will love him fiercely because I know that he and Charlotte share an amazing bond and I feel privileged to be a part of that bond forever and ever.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A beautiful day for running

A gorgeous Spring day coupled with the Westbury PS running carnival made for a lovely day. A rare moment when Mums can sit down in the sun and relax and not feel guilty about it.

There were some spills and falls, cheers for the winners, encouragement for the ones bringing up the rear but most of all there was a spirit of participation and getting in and having a go. And of course a quiet pride from a certain Mum when the girls pulled in some firsts - parents are allowed that luxury sometimes aren't they??

Ollie - keep your eye on the finish line!!
Oliver had decided before his race that he was going to come third, and as self-fulfilling prophecies go, third he came. :)

A great posse to be with our picnic lunch to watch the race, sitting with Kerry and Kirsty and catching up over 5hrs rather than quick snatches of conversation at the end of the school day.

Sarra striding to first place in the 100m.
Hallie running against her arch rival, Jordan. They always fight for first and second spot.

This was the funniest race of all, when the parents, some who have not run for what, 20 years, run with their kids. The Triffitts came a close second in after the Browns.

Jonty had fun playing in the school community garden. It's a beautiful garden and a great opportunity for Simon to take some great shots of Jonty Monty amongst nature in Spring.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Introducing the 2020 BMX Olympic gold medallist for Australia...

This has to be up there on Hallie's list of favourite things to do. After school each day, she is outside doing jumps and stunts on her bike, skateboard and scooter. Now she has roped her brother and sister into helping out as stuntmen, it is going to get even more interesting.

And here Hallie is getting Jonty into the whole bike fever too. He loved it!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Morning

Hi everyone. This is my morning hair!! Have a great day.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Howz Zat

Yesterday alot of schools had a student free day as Thursday was a public holiday, it being Launceston Show Day. Any excuse for a day off is the Aussie mantra, so the kids ended up with a 4 day weekend.

Ages ago my cousin Annie and my sister Lisa and I decided to get together for lunch at Punchbowl and the weather was beautiful.

Jonty with his second cousin, Max
Helping out with the dummy.
Spring always brings out the cricket fanatics out of the woodwork as they have waited patiently all through the footy season. Our cricket spectators Lisa and Annie, yakking away.

The cricket begins with the traditional rubbish bin as the wickets. A definite must.

Hallie invents a new 'bat between the legs' shot. I'm sure we'll be seeing at the MCG soon in our next Ashes series against the Poms.

Clearly a very excited wicket keeper.

After lunch Harri and Jalen came for a play too. Aaron was at the hospital with Noah, who has been in kids's ward since Wednesday and so Lisa and Kobe got to go home for a well deserved nap because they aren't well either and it has been such a long week for them all. We all hope they can be home altogether again soon.

Love the look of concentration

Annie's other son Cody

This is Harri's 'not you too, just like Mum' face when I told him to get to look like he was ready to catch the ball, while I took a photo.

Jonty got sick of the cricket and Max's dummy and went off for a play in the playground.