Saturday, October 9, 2010

Howz Zat

Yesterday alot of schools had a student free day as Thursday was a public holiday, it being Launceston Show Day. Any excuse for a day off is the Aussie mantra, so the kids ended up with a 4 day weekend.

Ages ago my cousin Annie and my sister Lisa and I decided to get together for lunch at Punchbowl and the weather was beautiful.

Jonty with his second cousin, Max
Helping out with the dummy.
Spring always brings out the cricket fanatics out of the woodwork as they have waited patiently all through the footy season. Our cricket spectators Lisa and Annie, yakking away.

The cricket begins with the traditional rubbish bin as the wickets. A definite must.

Hallie invents a new 'bat between the legs' shot. I'm sure we'll be seeing at the MCG soon in our next Ashes series against the Poms.

Clearly a very excited wicket keeper.

After lunch Harri and Jalen came for a play too. Aaron was at the hospital with Noah, who has been in kids's ward since Wednesday and so Lisa and Kobe got to go home for a well deserved nap because they aren't well either and it has been such a long week for them all. We all hope they can be home altogether again soon.

Love the look of concentration

Annie's other son Cody

This is Harri's 'not you too, just like Mum' face when I told him to get to look like he was ready to catch the ball, while I took a photo.

Jonty got sick of the cricket and Max's dummy and went off for a play in the playground.

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The Kings said...

Thanks so much for having the boys, they had lots of fun and it was so nice to have a nap :)