Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A beautiful day for running

A gorgeous Spring day coupled with the Westbury PS running carnival made for a lovely day. A rare moment when Mums can sit down in the sun and relax and not feel guilty about it.

There were some spills and falls, cheers for the winners, encouragement for the ones bringing up the rear but most of all there was a spirit of participation and getting in and having a go. And of course a quiet pride from a certain Mum when the girls pulled in some firsts - parents are allowed that luxury sometimes aren't they??

Ollie - keep your eye on the finish line!!
Oliver had decided before his race that he was going to come third, and as self-fulfilling prophecies go, third he came. :)

A great posse to be with our picnic lunch to watch the race, sitting with Kerry and Kirsty and catching up over 5hrs rather than quick snatches of conversation at the end of the school day.

Sarra striding to first place in the 100m.
Hallie running against her arch rival, Jordan. They always fight for first and second spot.

This was the funniest race of all, when the parents, some who have not run for what, 20 years, run with their kids. The Triffitts came a close second in after the Browns.

Jonty had fun playing in the school community garden. It's a beautiful garden and a great opportunity for Simon to take some great shots of Jonty Monty amongst nature in Spring.


Nettie's Blog said...

almost makes me want to go out for a run in the sun...but i have too much to do..does walking the dog through the cemetary count???
love those shot of Jonty...perfect...he is growing too fast!!!!

Penny B. said...

What a great day. Jonty looks so big.

The Kings said...

I LOVE the parents race - great idea!! Simon is quite the photographer hey - love all the pics. What a beautiful day it was to sit in the sun :)

Aimee said...

go Triffitts!! looks a lot of fun, just makes me want to go for a big run and get fit! what a beautiful sunny day too.
jonty monty is one cute kid.

Collette said...

hahaha simon running..hahahaha...jonty's 'look' in that pic..you know the one...is HILARIOUS! what a cutie!