Sunday, February 21, 2010

Discovery Bag

Last week, I attempted to make a discovery bag, one of Toni's Make It Perfect creations.

The kitchen table went from total mayhem, (thanks Katherine for saving the day with your sewing machine, after mine broke down) to.......................... (drumroll please)

ta da..........

A discovery bag is used to entertain little ones or big ones can find it fun too. The laminated bit tells you what is inside the bag and then it is your job to find them. They are all mixed up in there altogether. The plastic window lets you see them and try and feel them through the bag. The bag is nice and soft for little fingers to grab and squash and suck.

Toni would say the pattern is super-easy and Simon agreed but when you get to my age and you still need help threading the machine(thanks Simon) and trying to figure out what 'sewing right sides together' means (thanks again Simon), doing something like this is a major accomplishment.

And I am not tooting my own horn here because anyone that knows me, knows that I find this stuff very daunting and is something I was not naturally genetically engineered for. BUT I am trying to learn and I was SO pleased with myself after it was done!! (probably about 5hrs later-no laughing Toni) :)

So look out if you are having a baby, because practice makes perfect!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the colours Simone, and I know what you mean about not understanding the terminology. That is why I have never been to any sewing classes in R.S.
Everyone says "it is so easy" yeah right, if you actually know up from down, how to thread a machine properly, and cut out a pattern, and then read the instructions, all the time smiling, and nodding so you look like you have a clue....... when all you think of is "what the?"*#+*####
Well you know what I mean!!!
You will have to show it and I promise to ooh and aah, because I am genuinely impressed, not because you did it, well maybe, but you have moved up the rung as a sewer.
Love Lorraine

The Kings said...

Well done!! You are doing WAY better than I would. Lucky you have Simon around :)

Kyle said...

hehehe, I LOVE that you cant thread the needle and yet you have still sewn me an AWESOME bag. I love the little discovery bag, it will get easier and easier the more you make and you will get the pattern / order to sew things together down pat soon and wont even need help I bet! cant wait to get my own discovery bag, i'll have to make another Mr Magoo ready for Jonty Monty when you come up.

from Jess. x

Nettie's Blog said...

i think that is the best effort did great...but i love it most that on the pattern picture is my grand daughter Hattie...he he

Stephannie said...

Very clever. I bet Jonty (and the other kids) love it.

Carol O said...

Way to go Simone. Well done. I'd seen some on my travels & would love to make one myself. Now you're an expert you will have to show me. xo

Collette said...

I am not a kid...and don't have any....but i would like a discovery bag please...haha

make it perfect said...

Go Simone!!!!

I am VERY VERY impressed - well done!

Uh oh...I can just see you going on a Discovery Bag frenzy now - watch out everyone!!


Penny B. said...

It looks perfect Simone! I'm sure it will make a great quiet toy during sacrament meeting!

emjay1000 said...

OOh i sooo want to make one of those. hopefully ill get around to it by the time asha really needs it at church!!!

Anonymous said...

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