Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back to school (with no undies)

This morning the kids returned to Westbury PS. Oliver in kinder, Hallie in gr 1 and Sarra in gr 4.
What do you get when you mix 3 pairs of shoes (pic above), 3 school bags (and one baby who wanted to play with the bag tags),

and 3 lunch boxes?? (drink bottles were in freezer ready to stay cold for today's scorcher)

3 very excited school kids eager to return to school.

Or in the case of this one, his very first day!!!
He looked so grown up in his school shorts with his school bag on his back. Little did I know that when I had asked him to get dressed, he ended up not wearing any undies for the whole day. (talk about a bit of chafing on such a hot day:) He had worn his Hawks boxers to bed and had taken them off to put his school shorts on.

Going to school Tuesdays and Thursdays until Easter and then after Easter, Tue, Wed and Thurs, although Wed is optional so we will see how he goes.

Grade 4 and trying not to think that high school is just around the corner.

Yes, Oliver is now slightly taller and yes I still get asked if they are twins.

I know, her hair was done beautifully before the hat got scrunched on.

Sorry, using dodgy point and shoot as the SLR is away with Simon.
Here Oliver is settling in doing a puzzle with Noah and Mrs Rixon (aide).

Oliver was not phased at all as here at Westbury and similarly at alot of schools down here, they have a Early Learning programme which sees them do 2 hrs a week in the classroom they will start kindy in, with the kindy teacher and with the kids that will be in their class.
They do it for a whole 2yrs before they start kindy. Plus Oliver tagged along when I did it with Hallie so he had been in the classroom since he was about 2.
Made the transistion super easy. He has a lovely number of 16 in his class, 8 boys and 8 girls, the same kindy teacher that Hallie had too so you couldn't ask for a better start to the year.
Which leaves me 2 days a week with just this little munchkin.

He keeps me on my toes.


Wheeler Team said...

Haha Oliver with no undies, although I can talk, Emily did the same and she was wearing a dress! The teacher had to organise her some when she saw her sitting on the mat :) Jonty is so cute and growing up so fast!

The Kings said...

oh Jonty just about gave me a heart attack climbing up the slide!!
Bet you will be loving just having him at home for two days - like I had last year with Kobe.

GREAT photos once again Simone - even on the old point and shoot!! :)
Glad they were excited and had a good day.

the woodwards said...

just remember easter break is just around the corner!! the peace and quite won't be there for long!!!thanks for adding my bog :)

Collette said...

NAAAAWWWW oliver looks SO CUTE!! i bet you cried..didn't you!!
look at him doing the puzzle...his hair cut makes him look all grown up! Jonty is getting WAY big...i won't be able to pick him up when i come up for cuddles!!

Jessica said...

Olva is def original thats for sure ;) He looks very handsome with his school uniform.. love that his bag looks huge but is probably tiny.

Makayla said...

Naw they all look so cute! Oliver is such a crack up with no undies! Jonty is looking sooo much older! But still very cute =)

Makayla said...

Naw they all look so cute! Oliver is such a crack up with no undies! Jonty is looking sooo much older! But still very cute =)

make it perfect said...

oh that is cute and funny and cute again!

glad the first day of school was a success in your house too!

love all the pics...you were VERY organised to manage to take photos of bags, lunch boxes, shoes before school started and still manage to get everyone there on time!

melandpeter said...

you have gorgeous kids Simone! xx

Penny B. said...

Jonty is looking so grown up! Even in just the few weeks since we left. And Oliver with no undies on- Sam got a good chuckle out of that when I told him.

The Parsons Family said...

Hey Simone

Im up for a wedding at Quamby by HAgley on the 6th of March, its a Saturday... Will you be home that night for a visit!!!! Not sure of time yet, but will have a look at contract and stuff later.

Love Chels

Sim-Dim said...

Should be Chels unless we are doing something for Oliver's birthday (4th March) but I will get your mob off Nettie and so we can text each other.