Monday, September 21, 2009

I can hear the clock ticking...

Today the girls went back to school for third term, their last for the year. It is so quiet at home that I can hear the clock ticking. Am I allowed to say that I love it! We live only a 10min walk from school, so this morning with the weather now getting warmer, we decided to walk.

Jonty is at the stage now where he loves going for walks and peering out of the pram at everything going on.

The Westbury PS playground.

The kids love climbing these big trees in the playground. I don't think they are allowed on them during school hours.

In the classroom....

The boys behind are part of Hallie's little boy fan club. They think she is the ultimate coolest girl because she is into footy and kicks better than the best of them, is easy-going and relaxed and has the cheekiest laugh. She is quiet in the classroom, content to not draw attention to herself and always happy and quite industrious to get on with her school work. (maybe because the sooner it is done, the sooner she can go outside and play)

She would be quite happy to kick the footy around on her own and not worry that no-one was playing with her but it is this carefree naturalness that draws the other kids to her, both boys and girls. I hope she never "gets" that she is popular and stays her own person, happy and accepting of everyone and a good mate to all.

Our Sarra who loves school and has a passion for learning. She is our conformist, worrier and rule lover. She is a friend to all but has had the one best friend since kinder. Sarra takes things very seriously, is self-motivated and is very conscientious at whatever she does. She loves to read, read, read... and often writes imaginative stories. I think I expect alot of her (product of child number 1) and so she works hard to meet those expectations, which is sometimes not a good thing as I can be too hard on her.

Hallie was sick of me taking photos and just wanted to get inside.

Just a random photo on the walk home. This is my kind of driveway. The sticks are in a perfect row and so neat. I would LOVE this driveway, so orderly. Collette would call it obsessive compulsive.


The Kings said...

yes you CAN say you are enjoying it! :) I am too - although I still have two here today like you. Hallie would be so cool at school. I think Jalen is a mix of the both of them now - so much like Sarra in wanting to do the right thing all the time and a worrier, but also doesn't care what people think of him (hence the MJ dancing!) and people just want to hang out with him at school and do what he is doing. I wonder what Oliver will be like at school?

Collette said...

I hate loud clocks...but i suppose that's not the point of the post...haha..Hallie's bag is HUGE...Sarra's pic is awesome! "teach me teach me" she cries!
only YOU would care that the sticks where perfect...OCD!!!

Anonymous said...

Jonty was so funny in R.S. yesterday. He was determined to get to that table and bang something against it.
My heart skipped a beat when I read your blog heading, about hearing the clock ticking.
I thought you meant that you were getting clucky, and was going to give us a surprise announcement.
How funny how we all think of different things from one statement.
Love Lorraine.

Paige said...

Jonty is getting so big. I can't believe these babies are almost a year old. It doesn't seem like it was very long ago that we were wishing one another luck on our upcoming births.

Paige said...

Oh, I just read my comment and thought, "that sounds like something I remember old ladies saying when I was a kid." I must be getting old!

The Kings said...

Paige - unfortunately we ARE getting old! :(

Nikki said...

I always love your posts Simone. They crack me up. I love hearing about other children and their personalities and temperaments. I often think about what livy will be like at school and some days she drives me so crazy I wish she was actually AT school. ;)
But I am fully aware the time will come much quicker than I think!!
If you ever get a drive way with perfect sticks I'd love to see the photo!!!

Anonymous said...

Oliver he will be something else. Everything neat and tidy. He will be full of surprises.

Penny B. said...

Sam and Ella started school last week and the 4 hours they're away each morning go way to quickly and then the chaos returns!

Fun to "see" where to kids go to school.

Makayla said...

Aw the girls are SO cute!! I think i was mostly like Sarra at school, it is definately something to do with being the first born child!! Hallie cracks me up-reminds me of Morgan at school. =)

Nettie's Blog said...

Sticks and Beds...mmmmm perhaps OCB is contagious....i just dont like topiary hedges though.....i like nature to do its own thing
those poor girls bags will give them bad backs...did you buy them to last till they get to high school???? he he

Bride said...

Loved reading about your girls at school and their beautiful little personalities. You have gorgeous children!
The more i read your blog, the more i see that we are a little similar.
I love that drive way too. lol
Neat, clean and simple!

Chloe said...

you have beautiful kids..