Monday, September 28, 2009

How much stuff can you fit into one day?


Morning - the back of Westbury somewhere - terrain - muddy

Lunch - Wheelers -Jessica's 21st birthday food - roast lamb and mudcake with profiteroles.

What are they all laughing about? Collette looks like she is about to wet herself.

Happy 21st birthday Jessica. Thanks for sharing it with grand final day.

Collette - still wetting herself.

Afternoon - Wheelers - grand final party - Geelong v St Kilda

St Kilda supporters - everyone.

St Kilda getting their first goal. Pity I had to leave at half-time because I would have loved a pic of their faces when Geelong won.

Geelong supporters - 1.

Kyle comes from Geelong so he would have been happy with the result.

Jonty - "what St Kilda got a goal, oh yay".

"But really this storage container is more exciting".

Evening - Delcity chapel kitchen -4-10pm - youth awards dinner - 96 soups, 96 mains, 96 desserts. (post to follow because this one is long enough already).


Biggest sis said...

A very big day indeed! I love that one of Jonty supporting the footy. I think Collette was laughing at the candle that wouldn't light due to mum putting it in the cake upside down!!!

Makayla said...

Wow busy day! I love the photo of Jonty cheering the footy, soo cute! We have the same motorbike, should take them out together somewhere..

Country/City Boy said...

Looks like awesome day, I miss bikes you can ride in the mud :)

The Kings said...

Poor Kyle being the only Cats supporter! He definitely would've been happy with the result.

Bride said...

what an awesome day... my boys would love the four wheelers, and the mud...they are so much fun.

Collette said...

yep i'm laughing at mum and the candle...cause chris tried to light it and was like "What's with the candle?" and we all cracked it!

Penny B. said...

wow - a very busy day. Sam says he would really like to have a ride on that bike when we come! Also, could he have a sleep over with Hallie and Oliver?