Monday, April 24, 2017

The big 6

 On the 12th of April, our "bubba Flynn" turned the big 6. 
Flynn has been SO excited for his birthday, counting down for weeks. He is so cute announcing dates like "my birthday is on April the 12". "Anzac Day is on April the 25". Flynn often creeps into my bed halfway through the night and Simon was away on a search and rescue trip so I let him sleep there the whole night and he woke super early ready to open his presents with the girls before they left for the bus at 7.30am.

Flynn got a special blanket from Nan (he has it on in the pic below) that I picked out for him. His favourite thing to do is walk around the house with a blanket around him so now he has his very own. 

I got the blanket from a beautiful lady called Suzy whose daughter Lizzie had Down Syndrome. Mum taught her at Youngtown Primary School when Lizzy was in kinder and Prep. Suzy and I talked for nearly an hour and she told me to pick out a blanket free of charge just for myself as Mum had told her about Charlotte having Down Syndrome and she understood how much I loved her and the roller coaster of emotions I went through finding out about and coming to terms with the diagnosis and then later when she died.

Suzy had been running a business called Lizzy's Blanks where she made her own blankets to raise money for medical costs as Lizzie had been diagnosed with  terminal Myelodysplastic syndrome and aggressive liver disease in 2014. Sadly last week Lizzy passed away just a few weeks short of her 18th birthday and her funeral was on Friday. You can read about this beautiful family here.

Flynn is into everything Power Rangers. He has Power Rangers pjs, a figurine and for his birthday he got a sword that has lights and sounds. So of course he wanted a Power Rangers cake. Emerson was my little helper. Pity he couldn't do any taste testing.

Seeing as it was the last day of school before school holidays, it was great timing to take a cake to school for Flynn's classmates. Last year in kinder, his birthday was in the school holidays so, Flynn was super-excited to be going to school on his birthday this year (I'm sure that will change when he is older 😋)

Here he is with his Prep teacher Mrs Mead and the class,  singing happy birthday to him.

After school, Flynn had invited his cousin Bastian and Nora for tea where he picked tacos, cocktail says, chips, snakes, M &Ms, Maltese's and Mountain Dew for tea. The kids love the tradition of picking what they want for tea. No-one ever picks take-out... just junk food at home.

This is the finished cake. Flynn loved the sparkly 6 candle and the power ranger looking like he was bursting through the cake.

Flynn really misses his Bingham cousins, especially  Will and Zac. Last birthday they were in the middle of their 8 month experience of living in Australia and Flynn loved having them next door and going to school with him.

It was lovely to get this little clip from them for his birthday and he has watched it loads of times.

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