Monday, March 7, 2016

Turning 11

On Friday Oliver turned 11 years old. I will never forget the day he was born, probably because he was my worst labour. Started on the Monday and I had him on the Friday morning at 5.05 am. It only got super bad from 2 pm on the Thursday and after 4 hours of pushing they had to pull him out as he was stuck. #wherewerethedrugs 

After that hiccup,  he took first place on the podium of best baby (until he was topped by the Jontster)  not even blinking an eyelid at his Mum having kidney stones and her gall bladder removed at 5 months of age, not to mention bringing home nits from doing parent help. He just fit right in and adapted to life with 2 sisters and is a beautiful young man.

Ollie loves reading and will devour book series until 1.30am in the morning. I LOVE that he has my obsession with this and so one of his presents along with the lego and nerf guns was a gift voucher to Birchalls. He also got a package in the mail from Nan in the USA, and a contribution to his savings from Oma, the Binghams and Bastian and Nora.

Oliver picked tacos and nachos for tea with pink lemonade, snakes, cheddar shapes and cheese and bacon balls. He also wanted a 'Steve' mine craft cake.

Ollie had two of his good friends' Clancey and Noah sleep over. They get on so well.

We also had the Binghams and Andrews come for tea which made 17 in total. They all enjoyed playing  together and Ollie loved having so many people celebrate his birthday with him.


Nora had hung out with us for the day with Flynn and it was so funny to find these pics on my phone.
Good times.

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