Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Back to school 2015.

I can't believe the school holidays are over already. The weather of course is finally warming up as the school year starts again, just like it always does each year. I believe Tassie is extending its summer months to include March as the weather seems to finally hit the sun spot around then.

This year Sarra is in grade 9, a big year as she is doing the school production, "The King and I", starting seminary and participating in her usual school sports, music/band and of course Mutual. At St Pat's the grade 9s are on a separate campus so I am looking forward to seeing lots of positive things come out of that. Sarra leaves for the bus at 7.30 in the morning, way before the other kids are even up! 

Hallie is in year 6 and will continue to be busy doing SRC, every sport that is on offer and continuing her love of the trumpet and the senior band. Oliver is wearing our new school polo top. SO much better than the old white ones.

Oliver is just thrilled to be in the same classroom for the third year in a row, looking at the same four walls again!! ;) He is in grade 4 and loves learning and finding out new things and he is with his best bud Noah so he envisages a smooth year like last year. This year he hopes to improve on his first year on the uphonium in the band.

Jonty is going into grade 1 and was a little reticent this morning to walk into his new classroom. He knows the teacher and all the other students so it only took a little while for him to warm up and feel comfortable. When I saw him going off to assembly, he was all smiles. He is hoping to build on his reading and writing skills that he learned last year in Prep.

All smiles and hugs after school.

Flynn thought he was going to kinder this year and was determined to have a lunch box packed and "go to cwass with Jonty". He got to spend the morning in the parent room with me and another parent, Emma, while we did some uniform coordinator work and because we had a lot to get through, it was recess before we headed home so I think he felt like he was at school for a bit.

What you can get away with when the others are at school!

This year is my 4th and final year on the School Association. The first year I was vice-chair and now for the past 2 years I have been secretary. After this year, I will not run again as I've had a great experience and I'm sure other parents would enjoy the same opportunity as I've had. I've teamed up with a lovely parent Emma, this year, to share the uniform coordinator role after last year being part of the P and F team that headed a new change in our school polo tops and I will continue as a member of the P and F for as long as my kids are at the school. My kids seem to love having me around the school when I'm fulfilling these roles and I love being proactive in their education so it''s all good.

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Chelsea Parsons said...

agh its fun hey! Love your cubby holes Sim, they look great. Now if only someone would come and make 4 lunches every morning for me......Id be happy!