Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tobester turns 1

In the last school holidays, Collette and Toby and Jess, Bastian and Nora came over to Tassie for to celebrate Toby's first birthday. We had some beautiful clear days and my kids loved having their cousins come over on a big plane to play for a few days..

Toby requested the same rainbow cake that Hallie had for her 11th birthday.

Sorry Lisa, you were obviously mid-conversation there!

Dodgy phone pics of these two having a great time.

This photo cracks me up. Nothing beats having a good old bounce on the trampoline with your cousin.

So for some reason I can't find any photos of Nora. There were heaps I took of Hallie playing and holding her but I can't find them. Anyway I can assure you Nora was there and cuddled and pampered and loved. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book Week


Last week was book week at our school, just like it was for many schools around the country. This usually happens at our place in the lead up to Book Week… 

It used to really stress me out that I couldn't whip something up on the sewing machine the night before, that I couldn't pull off awesome costumes for my kids but I decided long ago that my kids don't need me to be crafty or a good sewer (although it might help) for Book Week. 

They need me to teach them the joys of reading and learning, developing an inquiring mind and not to take for granted the education available to them in Australia. They need this every day of the year. 

 I love this quote, "the acquisition of knowledge doesn't mean you are growing; growing happens when what you know, changes how you live." 

Oliver had decided he would like to go as a Hobbit, either Frodo or Sam from Lord of the Rings. He loves the books and has all of them in a book set. I ended up borrowing some of Pop Triffitt's old braces, some Christmas ones that Uncle Kim had at home. I sprayed painted gold, a hose ring to mimic the ring and used a wizard's cape and his church white shirt and a pair of Hallie's old long shorts. I did not know what to do about Hobbit feet and I was at Shiploads and found a $3 pair of slipper type moccasins and a pair of toe socks for $1.97. I put the socks over the moccasins and they looked like a pair of oversized Hobbit feet. A $2 dagger from Spotlight finished off the outfit.

Jonty wanted to go as a bear from the book, "Where's My Teddy". This is his "I don't want to speak in the microphone or walk across the stage or even be out here in front of everybody" face.

                             I love his little bear tail. I got the bear onesie costume online for $17.

I had to put this photo in because it captures Mrs Broomhall on the end as Princess Fiona. I didn't recognise her at first at the start of the day, when I was talking to her in the corridor. She looked very cool.

Flynn isn't one to miss out on all the fun so he went as Supergirl. I didn't have a book for him but he joust loved the fact that everyone was wearing costumes to school.

Jonty finally decided that he liked Book Week and put his hood on and even cracked a smile.

Ollie with his bestie Noah as a ninja.

Jonty's Kinder/Prep class.

Here is Jonty with his teachers, Mrs Rixon and Mrs Riley, the pirate (Captain Yellowbelly) and the Mad Hatter.

Mrs Rixon was cracking me up all day. She started off with some mighty pirate "arrgh me hearty" but by the end of the day, they had petered out a bit and had even taken on an Irish accent to them so we were laughing at the Irish pirate. I love how Jonty's teachers get right into Book Week, just like last year.

During the lunch hour, the older kids were doing some fun sports so we joined in as in the afternoon I was going to Jonty's class as a guest storyteller, to read out his book. All week, parents and grandparents had been invited in to read a story to the class and Jonty was excited that his Mum had decided to give it a go. 

Our school is so small that I often find Jonty over playing with Hallie or Oliver in the playground. JOnty was kindly sharing his lunch with Flynn.

In the afternoon, I went into Jonty's class to read "Where's my Teddy". It was SO much fun. I tried to mix it up a bit by putting on little scared voices and big bear voices. Mrs Riley has all the kids well trained and they sat still and listened.

At the end Mrs Riley said the class had to answer 3 questions from the book, to see how well they were listening. I said to her and Mrs Rixon, that they were not allowed to leave the room and leave me with them all! ;)

It was nice to see Jonty so chuffed to have me out the front of the class. Don't be surprised if you see me on Playschool next!! ;) ;)

At the end of the day, Mrs Riley gave each child a book, for being part of Book Week. I love this Dr Seuss book. I wonder where the places will be that Jonty goes.