Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tobester turns 1

In the last school holidays, Collette and Toby and Jess, Bastian and Nora came over to Tassie for to celebrate Toby's first birthday. We had some beautiful clear days and my kids loved having their cousins come over on a big plane to play for a few days..

Toby requested the same rainbow cake that Hallie had for her 11th birthday.

Sorry Lisa, you were obviously mid-conversation there!

Dodgy phone pics of these two having a great time.

This photo cracks me up. Nothing beats having a good old bounce on the trampoline with your cousin.

So for some reason I can't find any photos of Nora. There were heaps I took of Hallie playing and holding her but I can't find them. Anyway I can assure you Nora was there and cuddled and pampered and loved. 

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Collette said...

yay a toby post! I love the pics of the kiddies chasing the bubbles, and I could go some of that rainbow cake right now! yum!