Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day will never be the same

I have sat looking at this blank post page, waiting to write about this Australia Day, one year ago. But there are so many emotions threatening to overwhelm me and part of me wants to run away and hide from writing this post, still not wanting to believe that my close friend Lisa has been without her best friend, her funny loving Hawks mad husband Aaron, for precisely one whole year now. That her three beautiful sons on earth are without their Daddy.

I look out the window as I did last year. The window has changed, I have changed. Life has gone on as it can't help but do, but for my beautiful friend, the grief is still as strong as ever, even more so now than then.

The pain in her eyes is always there, the grief which none of us can truly comprehend, her unwelcome constant companion, every minute of every day. But alongside that is something else, something that truly makes Lisa the amazing brave person that she is and I suspect always has been.

Lisa is following in the footsteps of her Aaron and making each day count. She is not allowing a day to go by where not despite, but inspite of their heartbreak, she shows her boys love and hope and faith and grace and courage in the face of this unimaginable story which is now their life.

This recent photo Lisa took while away in Swansea is a testament to what I just said. Look at those four beautiful smiles. They each are going through so much but together, their love for each other and for Aaron and Noah transcends everything.

My favourite picture is still this one. It says so much about who this family is, what they mean to each other......without having to say anything at all!

Australia Day will never be the same again. As the majority celebrates with snags and shrimps and lamingtons and lots of beer no doubt (very Australian), those who had the privilege of knowing Aaron  will never know an Australia Day without smiling and crying and remembering one of the most amazing men they have ever met and wishing until it hurts so much.....and then some......that I could change things and make Australia Day 2012 never ever happen, for Lisa and her boys and the rest of her family that were there that day.

Lisa took this photo Australia Day 2010 with Aaron and Harri.

It look so much like this photo that Lisa took the day before Australia Day 2012 with Kobe(one of the last photos Lisa took of Aaron).

This is a photo of Jay fishing the day after Australia Day 2011.

I would like to think that the Australia Day 2013 photo is one of Aaron fishing again but this time he has his arms wrapped around Noah who is sitting in front of him and Aaron is now teaching Noah to fish. But you know what - I think Noah already knows and together they are catching a different kind of fish.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Malaysia - Welcome to Kuala Lumpar

Day 13 - Tuesday Sept 25.

When we woke up in the morning, this was the view from our hotel room at the airport that greeted us.

 It was so hot and muggy, about 32 degrees but we loved every minute of it and were looking forward to alot of sunshine after our Tassie winter.

We had a driver (Jake) for our apartment, pick us up from the airport and take us into KL. Our apartment wasn't ready yet so we dumped our stuff and headed off to Buta Caves, just four stops away from the train near our apartment.

We were warned (thanks TripAdvisor) that there are heaps of monkeys at the Buta Caves and that they are ruthless in being bold and stealing whatever you have in your hand and they also love bling so to be careful about dangly earrings.

Once we had passed through the gates into Buta Caves, we saw the very long stairs we would have to climb to get into the caves.

So up we climbed.....

and climbed.....

very warily past the monkeys, but some were more cute than others.

Once we got to the top, the view was worth the heat and sweat.

And it was also fun to look down on at the people still struggling up the stairs just like we had. ;)

In the caves were the usual trinkets that we were starting to see for sale wherever we went, cheap souvenirs like little Bhuddas and fridge magnets.

and a random rooster but it was cool and refreshing in the caves, so maybe he wasn't so silly after all.

There were just a few more steps inside the caves.

And right in the centre was a big natural hole to see the sky. It was really pretty.

Right in the middle too was a special Bhudda were you could place presents and light a candle.

walking back from the middle of the caves toward the entrance ready to start walking back down the stairs.

We met some scavangers on the way back down. They ran so fast and totally freaked us out because as soon as someone rustled a plastic or paper bag, they would all charge over looking for food.

Just near the caves was a few shops and places to eat. This one place that didn't look like much from the outside, served up the most authentic and delicious food I have ever tasted and in my opinion, was the best food we had on our whole trip. The people were so lovely and accommodating and serving our food on big banana leaves. I loved it all so much .

Hallie especially loved the food too. She relished trying all the foods from both Korea and Malaysia and was never afraid to try anything.

On the way back to the train, we saw some birds and were doing nothing wrong until we attracted the attention of the police.

Lucky it was only because they were fascinated by Flynn. :)

It was extra hot with Flynn in the pack and feeling the sweat run down our backs as walked around with an extra 10 kgs on us but that didn't stop me from enjoying the heat.

After we spent some time at the Buta Caves, we took the train back to our apartment. The train was only about 4 stops back and then a short 5-10 minute walk through a beautiful park, with some amazing old buildings.

Here is the view of our block of apartments through the trees in the park.

And so after a long day the kids were happy to get to the apartment and veg out in front of the TV, while I as usual kept taking happy snaps. (only about 2000 for the whole trip) :)

This was our view from our apartment at night, out on the balcony over the city of Kuala Lumpar (KL) with the Petronas twin towers (the tallest twin towers in the world) to the left of the photo.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

*20 months*

Yay this morning we finally had the internet connected at our new house. It's only been 5 weeks of not having it on and 5 weeks of LOTS of phone calls to Telstra and I have missed reading all the blogs on my blogroll. I have many moving and Christmas/end of year posts to catch up on writing too. The kids are already nagging me about putting some posts up for them to read.

Now where was I... yes our overseas holiday but first in the middle of moving and waiting to be connected to cyberspace, our little man turned 20 months and his personality is really starting to shine through.

He is so gorgeously (is that even a word) cheeky!!

He only wants to feed himself now - noone is allowed to help.

Flynn has finally hit the double digits in weight and is 10.2 kg and his height is at 73cm. 

Since moving Flynn has started sleeping so much better. He still has some horror nights but they are getting less and less and about every 3rd or 4th night, he is sleeping through. I started keeping him up until about 8.30-9pm and since then he sleeps every couple of nights through to about 7am (minus the 11.30pm meds because anyone would wake up to having a syringe of meds mixed with water shoved down your throat so I don't blame him for waking but then again, many times depending on how deep a sleep he is in, I have given him the meds and he has only stirred slightly). Whenever I get excited and think I have finally won the sleep battle, he wakes up all through the night but soon I hope they will just be a distant memory.