Tuesday, August 27, 2013

{The Man Who Loved Boxes}

  Book Week has come around again this year and I was really glad that only Jonty had to come up with something this year and Oliver and Hallie's classes didn't participate. I have a love/hate relationship with Book Week as I am not very creative and although I don't really mind that, I like to come up with something that my kids will get excited about and reinforce to them how much fun reading is and then hopefully they will grow up loving reading just as much as I do.

Hallie had cut out this box for Jonty and that was as far as I got until my friend Suzanne said she had this book at her house...

I loved reading it to Jonty and it has an awesome message about a man who loved boxes and how all his neighbours would laugh at him and thought he was a little different and eccentric but that his son loved it because it was something they could do together and it showed his son how much his Dad loved him because they were spending time together.

From there the box evolved into a box of boxes with lots of cut outs of different boxes stuck all over the box.

The only problem we found at the book week parade was that being in the box meant you couldn't sit down and I couldn't help but giggle as Jonty patiently stood and waited until it was kinder's turn to do their parade around the room.

I couldn't go around everyone and ask if they minded having their child on the blog so I just blurred out everyone's faces. Something we have to be mindful of these days.

This is Jonty with his kinder teacher explaining what book he was.

And Jonty posing with his kinder teacher Mrs Riley and Mrs Wishy Washy aka kinder aide, Jenni Rixon.

I couldn't help but take a pic of some of the other teachers. I love how they all got into the spirit of book week too.

At the end of the day Jonty came home with a beautiful book called Jack Frost and a laminated certificate congratulating him on his participation in book week. It was a really lovely gift from his kinder teachers. a great way to remember book week and how fun reading can be.

I must admit our costume wasn't the most creative or the most imaginative, or the brightest or had the biggest wow factor, (actually it was probably not even close to even being very good :)) but Jonty and I worked on it together and we read  The Man Who Loved Boxes together and so for us the time we spent together chatting. laughing. creating memories. was by far the very best part of Book Week.

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