Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A new school year.

On Monday Sarra started high school at St Patrick's College. I remember starting there in grade 7... way back in 1986. My stepdad also went to St Pat's back in the 1960s so it is really nice for a 3rd generation to start there too.

Sarra was very excited, a little nervous but more excited than anything. She looked so smart in her uniform and all grown up all of a sudden.

I drove her to the bustop which is just outside Andy's bakery. It leaves at about 7.45 and it is only about a 7 minute walk from our house so she is going to walk to and from there after school.  I must have been a little embarrassing with my camera but what the heck, your kids only start high school once.

Jesse and Cooper who went to Westbury PS with Sarra.

The bus gets back to Westbury about 4.15 each day and there is a later one if they miss the first one. It is all a bit confusing as about 3 different buses stop and depending how many kids are already on the bus they either get on or have to wait for the next bus. Apparently around 70 St Pat's kids are country kids coming from the Meander Valley area.

I must admit I had a little cry as I was remembering feeling the same when Sarra started kinder and now all of a sudden here she was starting high school. So many mothers used to tell me not to wish away the days when they are small and it is so true - it all goes by so fast.

While we were sitting there waiting for the bus, I was trying to think up some great pearls of wisdom and all I came out with was, "don't let anybody be mean to you". lol. I told her that I loved her and was so proud of her and to remember who she was and how special she is and to find friends that had a kind heart just like hers.

When Sarra got home from school, I lhad eft a note and her favourite choccies on the bed for her to see. I got the idea from this inspired mother.

It's just something small but I think it really helps them to know they are loved at home which is so important as they spend so much time away from home surrounded by other influences and I would like them to feel that home was a sanctuary away from the pressures of the peer world. It is something I want to work on more this year and like everything in life - it's always a work in progress. :)

Yesterday these three returned to school and there was no nerves amongst Hallie and Ollie, just excitement to be seeing their friends again.

It was Jonty's first day of kinder and his blankie came along for a ride in the car, but thankfully there were no issues about leaving it in the car.

I wasn't as emotional as the day before with Sarra's first day but it seems just like yesterday when Jonty was born and I was bringing him home from the hospital.

And now he's all 'growed up".

He obviously listened a bit on his first day as after school he said, "Mrs Riley said we have walking feet at school".

I know the kids will have a wonderful year learning new things and growing in knowledge. height. and friendships.


Anonymous said...

You have great kids Simone, and we are loving having Sarra in Y. W.
The kids all look very healthy after their holidays in the sun.
Hope it us a get year or all of them
Love Lorraine.

Carli said...

He he I could imagine you sitting there all solemn thinking up pearls of wisdom - I would feel exactly the same way xxx

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leetai said...

Your kids are so gorgeous. I loved everything you were telling us about st pats - think us and the rogers are keen about sending our kids there too. They definitely grow so quickly!

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