Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gone on a mission...

Three months ago today, my nephew Josh left on his two year mission to the Auckland New Zealand mission for our church. He is the first of my nieces and nephews to go and I was so proud of him and for what he represents. His Dad Dion, Simon's brother has been forwarding us his emails (he gets to email home once a week) and I am loving reading about his experiences and how much some of them can eat over there. I am loving the photos and already I can see Josh looks so much more grown up.

Before he left, we had a family farewell in Burnie at the fun centre. Kay and Dion had booked the whole complex just for us so we all had a ball with the Triffitts and Rowlings.

Kay is famous for her cooking and this cake was delish!!

Trying to get all the grandkids to sit together and sit still for a photo. ;) Missing Simon's sister Penny and her family who live in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. :(

Josh, Dion (holding Sarah), Savannah, Kay, Piper, Paige and Allister.

Before long it was the 4th of July and time for Josh to head off on his mission, leaving from the Devonport Airport.

Jonty wondering what the fuss was all about. He was excited to see Josh go on an aeroplane and wanted to go too.

Saying goodbye to Mum. This is where I got teary!!

Josh with Simon's parents, Oma and Pop.

Saying goodbye to Simon on the phone because he was at work and couldn't make it to the airport.

Saying goodbye to Dad.

Saying goodbye to little bro.

I know the next two years will fly by and be full of the most amazing experiences that Josh will have, the likes of which he could not experience doing anything else and the likes of which will shape and mould him and prepare him for the rest of his life.


Watson said...

There's a missionary in our ward that went to the MTC with Josh. Looks like a fun time at the fun centre.

Nettie's Blog said...

has that been 3 months already... my life is in the fast track and i cant get it out of gear...i love a man in uniform especially when he is in Gods' Aramy...

Chelsea Parsons said...

I got teary looking at him say goodbye to his Mum xx