Thursday, August 23, 2012

Time to move the biscuit tin

 I remember writing this post.

The other day I heard the same scrabbling noise.

Flynn - 2012.

2009 - Jonty.

Oliver - 2006.

I can't believe we have had the same biscuit tin this whole time. Says something about the quality of tupperware. 

I can just see it now. "Come on kids yearly photo in front of the biscuit tin please, to see how much you have grown in a year". 


Wheeler Team said...

You have such gorgeous,cheeky children Simone - just like you! :)

make it perfect said...

I've got the say, the quality of biscuits has gone downhill. 2006 look way better than 2012!

Nettie's Blog said...

mmm those bikkies in 2006 looked good... what happened to the content of the bikkie tin in 2012???
love that the grow suits are still as versatile as ever in 2012 also...but the best is the gorgeous boys...blonde beautiful curls...heart stoppers of the future..