Monday, January 3, 2011

Our last Christmas on New Year's Day

On New Year's Eve we headed to Burnie to celebrate Christmas with the Triffitts. Because everyone was so busy around Christmas Day, we thought we would leave it a week and have Christmas Day on New Year's Day instead. That way Simon wasn't working and everyone was available to enjoy more good food and good company.

When we got to Kay and Dion's, we headed down to the waterfront at Burnie to watch the fireworks. The atmosphere was great and there was not a breath a wind. There were fire dancers right on the beach

and it was lovely to stand on the beach near the waves and watch the fireworks explode in the night.

We left soon after the fireworks because we knew the night was only young for the revellers and that soon the partying would really begin.

The next morning on New Year's Day, Oma and Pop and the Rowlings arrived for our day together. Dion skyped Penny in Georgia on the laptop so we could all say hi. Their fifth baby was due on the 29th of December and they are still waiting.

We had a lovely day tucking into ham, turkey and chicken, along with salads and desserts and nibbles. The kids loved opening their presents. It seemed like Christmas was lasting a whole week and not just one day.

Al the boy cousins playing the playstation..............

And as a post script - thankyou to Mum, Collette, Lisa and Tammy who gave us $ for Christmas to put toward my very first sewing machine. It has been purchased!!

It only took 36yrs to own my very own machine. Now where's that instruction manual!!!


The Kings said...

Simone!!!!! A sewing machine!!?!?!!! Goodness me!!! You are leaving me behind. What are you going to sew!!?

emjay1000 said...

Awesome!!! But I'm wondering why you called this post the last Christmas at new year? Is this the last time it's happening? Cool post tho. Looks like a great celebration.

the woodwards said...

Next thing you know lisa, Simone will be making her own gym clothes..:) When are you going to sew!! that's my question!!!!
miss ya xx

Mel said...

well thats the way to do it, draw out every last piece of Christmas food....i mean spirit that you can. : )Love the machine no stopping you now!!