Thursday, December 23, 2010

The gift of giving.........

As I was reading through everyone's blogs today, Jonty came over to the computer with a smelly nappy. In a minute I said to myself, I will change his nappy. In a minute he was asleep at my feet at the computer.

I sometimes put things ahead of other things and not always for the right reasons.

But today I am SO grateful for the gift of giving that my fellow bloggers give to me. You make my day by sharing a piece of your day, and that's not always easy when life sometimes throws everything at you. And when it does, and you let me into your lives to cry and laugh and smile alongside you, with the small and seemingly insignificant things nestled in with the earth-shattering life-changing things, I feel privileged by the very fact that you are sharing a piece of YOU with me.

Over this year I have loved reading all your blogs and for your gift of giving through cyberspace, I (or should I say Jonty and I) :) say THANKYOU!!!!!


The Kings said...

ha ha - LOVE it! I'm sure Jonty didn't mind too much, or he wouldn't have fallen asleep.

Anonymous said...

Have a great Christmas Simone.
I love you.
Love Lorraine.