Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Wing Man

This year with Oliver being in kinder 3 days a week and Sarra and Hallie already at school full-time, I have enjoyed just having Jonty at home on his own. Usually it is only the first child you get to enjoy this with and then it is many years until you have one on your own again.

The nice thing about having (usually the last one) one at home on their own is that you are so much more relaxed than when it was the first and it is a whole lot more enjoyable.

Jonty loves doing whatever I am doing when he is home alone and in the kitchen he becomes my wing man as I cook and he sits on the bench playing with the dishes in the dish rack.


the woodwards said...

jonty needs to teach eden to help around the house!!

Collette said...

I want a wing man:(!!!!

Penny B. said...

Elliott needs to take some lessons from Jonty! We have 4 mornings a week together and he just follows me around the house getting into mischief - dumping things while I'm cleaning, drawing on the table or the walls, screaming to get what he wants and laughing at me when I try to discipline him! Yesterday he threw himself out of the shopping trolley! I'm a bit worried about how much mischief Owen, Elliott and the new baby are going to get up to when they get a bit bigger!